augustus 30, 2015 2:52 pm


Cursusdata: zondagen 4, 11, 18 en 25 oktober 2015 Tijd: 11 tot 14 uur Locatie: Werkplaats CBK Zuidoost, Heesterveld 1, 1102SB Amsterdam Kunstenaar: Hans Hellingwerf Prijs workshop € 155,- Inhoud: Buitenschildercursus Over de kunstenaar: Hans Hellingwerf Prijs workshop € 155,- . (In de prijs is alle materiaal inbegrepen) Vrienden (minimaal twee jaar doneren) van CBK Zuidoost krijgen korting en …
augustus 22, 2015 1:53 pm


The Battle of Bijlmer is a OPEN MIC FREESTYLE RAP Event with a prize. A winner will be announced by appointed judges and from the public by the following criteria: delivery, flow, style and audience response. Participants are asked to use their native language (Sranan, Papiamento, Indian, Malaysian, Ghanaian, Arabic, Dutch, and others). The idea is to have Rap sessions in as many languages as poss…