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februari 26, 2018 9:32 am

CBK Art Cafe: saturday 10th of March
14 -16h
With host Rosalie van Deursen and artists Immy MaliSiobhan Wall and Helen Zeru. Keep in mind that this artisttalk will be in English!


This art cafe will give you more insights of some of the work in the exhibition The Vulnerable Body.

‘The Vulnerable Body’ is an exhibition of artworks about the physical limitations of the body and/or the impact of emotional distress. In this exhibition, ‘Illness’ or impairment is not always understood as something depressing or negative, but as an experience which can’t be ignored in everyday life. Physical and emotional suffering is something everyone is affected by at some point in their life, so this group show is about what is both familiar and strange or unexpected. The thirteen (international) artists participating in The Vulnerable Body make (often) intimate work about bodily or emotional differences that are very much part of their lives or someone close to them. For some artists in the show, making art has a therapeutic effect. For others it is a way to visualise the reality of living with their own or others’ susceptible, unreliable bodies.

The exhibition will open in January 2018, Sat January 20th and closes on Saturday March 31th.


Curators: Renske de Jong (CBK Zuidoost) and Siobhan Wall (artist/curator). For both of us, the theme of illness has personal relevance and for a long time we were looking forward to bringing together the diverse artworks for this show. As curators, we wanted to create a themed exhibition about the way artists are affected by their own or other people’s physical and emotional vulnerabilities.


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