For over 30 years, Stichting Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost
(Foundation Centre for Visual Arts Southeast) is the place to be for contemporary art with multicultural accents. We bring art to the general public by exhibitions, a collection of rental art, art education, artist-in-residence, commissions, and debates. Our programme is based on current developments in society. Come by sometime and see for yourself! Entrance is always free.

A special feature of our building is the poems from different parts of the world. These poems are a reflection of our activities.

Pintor…, by Ced Ride
Grun powema, by Edgar Cairo
bro, by Trefossa
Wat zij wilde schilderen (What she wanted to paint), by Judith Herzberg
zet het blauw… (Move blue)…, by Willem Hussem

About CBK Zuidoost

Who are we?

The CBK team consists of 8 permanent employees and a changing team of volunteers and interns.

Annet Zondervan


Renske de Jong

Exhibitions and commissions

Delano MacAndrew

Education & Participation

Sharda Balgobind

PR & Communication

Maureen Cox

Art rental

Lucy Hooft

Visitor service & Gift shop

Ella Harris

Visitor service

Sipora Ubro

Business Manager

Gitta Grol


Margret al Maggy

Visitor service


Amma Asante


“I grew up in Amsterdam Southeast and I am very happy to contribute, just as my fellow boardmembers, to a strong, dynamic and self-conscious CBK, where people can enjoy the beauty of contemporary art with intercultural accents.


CBK Southeast has everything to take the lead in this field of art for the next coming years. What is happening here is unique and deserves a bigger platform. I am convinced of that. Let’s make it work.”

Rianne Heijboer


“To make visual art more accessible to inspire people, let them connect with eachother and make sure they enjoy everything what they see at CBK as a community based centre. This is what I like to support.”

Sascha Janssen

“I believe in the saying: what food is for the body, art is for the soul. Art enhances, art surprises, art connects, art confronts, art listens, art motivates, art calls, art touches. Art”

Henry de Vries

“I am a member of the board because I love Southeast and contemporary visual art. Because of my input within CBK I hope to connect and to stimulate these two elements.”

Jennifer Baarn

Rob Perrée

“The activities and philosophy of CBK Southeast meet my professional activities perfectly”.

What do we do?

Our motto “Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost: the shortest way to art of today with inspiration from all over the world” says it all. At CBK you will find art that reflects on current developments in society, and in which the intercultural perspective always plays an important role. Art for all ages where CBK tries to connect, enrich, renew and expand. That is our mission.



CBK Zuidoost presents contemporary art with cultural accents. Artistic quality and public outreach are the two main variables that determine our programming. With this we want to connect, enrich, renew and expand. Our motto: “Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost: the shortest way to art of today with inspiration from all over the world”



CBK assesses artistic quality through the usual criteria such as authenticity, expression and use of materials. For us, the dichotomy of Western and non-Western art is a distinction that is behind us. Also in the visual arts, the migration society has led to transnational design with cultural connotations that refer to more than a white Dutch heritage. The intercultural society of city district southeast – where CBK Zuidoost is located – is a continuous source of inspiration for us.


Audience-oriented programming is in our genes. With our program we reflect on current social issues that are important to our audience. The lives and perceptions of our audience also determine our program. In this way, we not only attract art professionals but also people who are interested in the subject and then in the art. Finally, we periodically provide our audience an active role as a consultant or as a creator. Creating a sense of ‘ownership’ is important to CBK.


For questions, remarks, comments, or complaints you can contact Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost.

Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost
Anton de Komplein 120
1102 DR Amsterdam
020 22 52 880


Opening hours
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday 11-17 hours
Saturday 10-17 hours

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